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❤ ॐ {{Radio}} - BASEMENT TRAXX with Mr. Wedge
All Girl DJ's All Afternoon
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The LoveFire by CreatriX
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Saturday, April 25, 2015
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Tune in every Sunday funday for Mr. Wedge's BASEMENT TRAXX, 7:07pm - 9:09pm MST

  Mr. Wedge's Soundcloud  Mr. Wedge's DJ Page

A good buddy to the electronic music and the festival scene, Mr. Wedge is a veteran DJ having moved bodies and booties for over 15 years behind the decks.  All the while, tantalizing dance floors at places like Y Afterhours, Blackdog Freehouse, Mad Hatter Festival, Motion Notion Festival, Astral Harvest Festival and Level 2 where he was a resident DJ for many years.

Our clever Clifford is classy with his skills and believes heavily in the importance of the art of mixing and proper programming. Always creating unique and interesting dance experiences through combining his favourite genres such as; house, tech house, techno and deep house, Mr. Wedge calls the end result:  “technical house grooves”. As technically sound as it may be, his style is deep, smooth and moving. (Read More about Mr. Wedge)

❤ ॐ {{Radio}} ~ Underground music of the heart beats genre! Music is life... music is love, music is everything... We share music that is moving with empowering frequencies... and lots of bass! Focusing on providing 528hz produced or transposed tracks and mixes. Contact us to get your original music or dj mixes heard and felt on our worldwide station. <3

Supporting producers and DJ's with heart! Live shows, weekly Friday features with resident JoyOne and guest DJ's. Playing recorded live show replays of eclectic, electric and often eccentric music 24/7.

In association with Shylo ॐ Love ❤ CreatriX ☿, JoyOne SoundSystem, Wheelhouse Productions, HeartSongs Media, Sound ॐ Love ❤ Alchemy☿, Kootenanny Music Festival and

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